HedgeMix Sharpe A Fund of top-ranking Hedge Funds
HedgeMix Sharpe - Objective and Strategy Summary

“The Fund targets a return of 15% plus per year.”


HedgeMix Sharpe (the “Fund”) is an actively managed fund of hedge funds. Our investment strategy is unique in the way that we offer investors access to hedge funds with some of the strongest track‐records available.

We use leading hedge fund databases to source these hedge funds and conduct extensive due diligence on all hedge funds prior to investing. Our team is comprised of academics with high quantitative skills, and prior experience of evaluating quantitative data in financial and macroeconomic matters.


HedgeMix Sharpe LP offers investors access to a curated portfolio of hedge funds with reduced barriers to entry and increased diversification compared to traditional hedge fund investing. The Fund aims to increase risk‐adjusted return through diversification.’

Strategy summary

As a fund of hedge funds, we target unique hedge funds on a cross‐sector, cross‐strategy, cross‐regional basis, in order to build a portfolio of hedge funds that are successful in their very own way, while at the same time being weakly interlinked with each other. We look at market neutral hedge fund strategies related to systematic trading, long/short equities, longevity‐based assets and high-yield bonds. By combining a selection of weakly interlinked, high‐performing hedge funds with low beta, our fund targets a high risk‐adjusted return and market neutrality.

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Target return

The Fund targets a return of 15% plus per year.


The fund is a Fund of Hedge Funds and shall invest a majority of the Fund assets in collective investment schemes (“Investment Funds”) that meet the following conditions: an annualized Sharpe Ratio above 1.0 (one point zero) on a 24-month rolling basis.

The geographical focus of the fund is global but the Fund constituents shall be located in regions with sufficient AML/CFT framework and oversight. Investment Funds may be in the form of any recognized investment vehicle, such as limited partnerships, unit trusts, segregated managed accounts and companies limited by shares.

The Fund may have exposure to less risky and riskier asset classes including but not limited to bonds, credit, other financing such as operating leases and factoring, equities, distressed debt, insurance-linked securities and derivatives.

Investments shall be subordinate to the objective of the Fund, which is to provide its Shareholders with the highest possible return in relation to the risk, where risk is measured as standard deviation of portfolio return.

Risk profile

The Fund Manager aim to maintain a relatively low risk level with a yearly standard deviation within the range of 4 to 10% measured on a rolling 24-month basis of the monthly return. The risk level may be above or below the threshold, especially during extraordinary market conditions and events.

The risk associated with investing in the Fund is primarily affected by the distribution of the fund’s assets between the asset classes with low and high risk respectively. The risk associated with investing in funds that invest in bonds and other interest-bearing securities is normally lower and is affected by the duration of the fund’s holdings. Longer duration leads to higher risk and increased sensitivity to changes in market rates. Changes in the debtor’s creditworthiness affect the risk.

The risk associated with investing in funds that invest in more alternative asset classes and investment strategies is primarily affected by the skill of individual managers in the implementation of their investment strategies and not necessarily by general market ups or downs. Investments in funds that invest in more alternative asset classes are generally also exposed to liquidity risk to a greater extent than funds investing in traditional asset classes.

Investment process

The investment process is composed of two keystones; qualitative‐ and quantitative analysis. Our qualitative analysis includes due diligence on the management team, and evaluating the investment strategy from multiple angles. We look at strategy success factors, protective measures, and strategy risk factors such as profit source, trend reliance, concentration risk and currency exposures. We conduct quantitative analysis for portfolio optimization, including constructions of the Efficient Frontier.

Investor profile

The Fund target investors with an investment horizon of 1‐5 years and who strives for a relatively low risk. Time horizon for investments in the Fund is recommended to be at least 1 year.

HedgeMix Sharpe - Performance

Fund performance and historical returns

As the Fund was launched in 2020, there is no relevant performance data yet.

HedgeMix Sharpe - Management Team

Jacques Georget

Jacques holds a MSc in Economics from Uppsala University and a double BSc’s in Economics and Finance from the University of Gothenburg. He has gained valuable experience at the World Bank as an intern in the Economics Division and has been involved in international trade and business for many years.

Rajat Chawla

Rajat is a certified accountant and holds a Masters Degree in Accounting. He joined HedgeMix in 2019.

HedgeMix Sharpe - Fund Shares
FundISIN CodePrice per Fund Share (US$)
HedgeMix Sharpe LPNZHSHE0014S0100
Distribution of Fund Shares are made once per month for new subscriptions. Distribution of Fund Shares for subscriptions approved less than 5 working days prior to the upcoming round of Fund Shares Distribution may be postponed until the next round of Fund Shares Distribution. The request to subscribe to Fund Shares shall be made in writing using the Subscription form provided by the Fund Manager, duly signed. The approval of such request is subject to the sole discretion of the Fund Manager.
Redemption of Fund Shares shall be made on the request of a Shareholder and within 120 days upon receiving the request to redeem Fund Shares. The request to redeem Fund Shares shall be made in writing using the Redemption Form provided by the Fund Manager, duly signed by the Shareholder. If redemption financing must be obtained through the sale of securities, such sales must take place as soon as possible.
Subscription and redemption of Fund Shares always take place at an unknown rate. Subscription and redemption orders cannot be limited but are executed at the share price calculated by the Fund Manager in accordance with the Fund Rules. The Fund’s sales and redemption price are available at the Fund Managers monthly calculation.
Unless an exemption is granted by the Fund Manager, the following shall apply: The minimum initial investment in the Fund is USD 100.000. Additional subscriptions to Fund Shares shall be made in multiples of USD 10.000. Redemption of Fund Shares shall be made in multiples of USD 10.000 except when all remaining Fund Shares of a Shareholder are redeemed.