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We provide asset management services to demanding investors. Our minimum investment requirement is just a fraction of the combined min. of the hedge funds we work with.

Minimum investment: USD 50.000
  • Maximize your Sharpe Ratio with us
    Investing in top-ranking hedge funds while at the same time benefiting from the positive effects of diversification will improve the Sharpe Ratio.
  • Award-Winning Hedge Funds
    We offer you access to award-winning hedge funds. Each award is a clear sign of excellency from the hedge fund manager.
  • Access High-Entry-Barrier Hedge Funds
    If you assign your wealth management to HedgeMix, you will gain access to an exclusive selection of high-entry-barrier hedge funds.
  • Competitive Wealth Management
    We believe that excellent wealth management shall be provided at low costs. For this reason, our fees are highly competitive.
  • Utilize our unique Sharpe Lab
    Your Portfolio Optimization Tool
    Access your own Sharpe Lab. Within the environment you can combine any combination of hedge funds into your own hedge fund portfolio.
    • Instantly view key-data of your constructed portfolio
    • Sharpe Ratio at portfolio level
    • Return for multiple periods
    • Standard Deviation
  • Maximize your Sharpe Ratio
    We argue its the most important key-ratio
    The Sharpe Ratio measures risk-adjusted returns. The formula is straight-forward with the risk-premium in the numerator and standard deviation in the denominator.
    • We select hedge funds with a Sharpe Ratio of 1.5 and higher.
    • Our own calculation of all key-ratios to ensure comparability.
    • By combining certain hedge funds we can increase the Sharpe Ratio further.
  • Return
    We stay dedicated every day to provide you with returns on your investment which is higher than any market benchmark. We utilize continuous research to identify the worlds best hedge funds at all times.
    • Continuous Research on Returns
    • Monitoring and regular briefing from all hedge funds we invest in.
  • Sharpe Lab
  • Sharpe Ratio
  • Return
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Hedge Fund Strategies: Does it matter?
Take control and ownership of your investments
Yes, strong fund management and diversification improve results
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      Event Driven Strategies
      Event Driven Strategies take advantage of inefficiencies in the financial markets during the time of different events.
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      Credit Market Strategies
      Investments in debt issued by companies and governments combined with credit swaps. Often with a certain geographic focus.
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    • icon
      Distressed Companies
      When a company is distressed, it's easier for the market to misprice both the stock and related company debt.
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    • icon
      Long/Short Equities
      Using fundamental and technical analysis, the investment manager aim at identifying over and undervalued stocks.
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    • icon
      Merger Arbitrage
      A merger arbitrage opportunity is available when the general market fails to grasp the real value of a company subject to a merger.
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Invest in top-ranking hedge funds
With ease and high efficiency
With HedgeMix you can invest in Top-Ranking Hedge Funds at a fraction of the combined minimum investment requirement of available hedge funds. We conduct both qualitative and quantitative analysis on potential hedge funds, to offer you what we believe are the best funds in the market.
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Empowered by Knowledge
In order to stay ahead of the markets and our competitors we spend a significant portion of our resources on research. We also share our research with investors world wide through channels as Seeking Alpha.
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