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We provide asset management services to demanding investors. Our minimum investment requirement is just a fraction of the general min. of hedge funds.

Target Return: 25% per year net of fees
Minimum Investment: EUR 100.000
  • Maximize your Sharpe Ratio
    Our ambition is to provide a high Sharpe Ratio combined with a target return of 30% per annum net of fees.
  • Algo-based Trading
    We conduct high precision trading using our proprietary algorithmic model on 7 major stock indices.
  • State of the Art Model
    You gain access to a unique, state of the art and high performing investment model.
  • Competitive
    We believe that excellent wealth management shall generate high risk-adjusted returns.
  • We bring you significant Alpha and high Sharpe Ratio
    Focusing on the most important key-ratios
    So, what is the Sharpe Ratio? It is the risk-adjusted return of your investments. We argue that any investor, independent of his risk preferences, should aim to maximize the Sharpe Ratio.
    We offer you:
    • High risk-adjusted returns.
    • High sharpe ratio.
    • Significant alpha.
  • Robust investment strategy
    Staying ahead of the markets
    Our investment strategy is quantitative and model-based with a mission to anticipate long and short moves in 7 major stock indices. We are using a proprietary trading model based on logical reasoning as a key stone and combining mathematics with pattern recognition and robot advice.
    • High precision trading.
    • Anticipating moves in 7 major stock indices.
    • Systematic approach.
  • Algo-based Hedge Fund
    Intelligent asset mananagement
    We have developed a unique algo-based trading model in-house to measure momentum in the stock market while using derivatives data as input. We combine our algorithms with pattern recognition with the aim to be one of the best funds in the industry in terms of risk-adjusted return.
    • Algorithms based on logical reasoning.
    • Daily input data to measure momentum.
    • Algorithms combined with pattern recognition and robot advice.
  • Sharpe Ratio
  • Strategy
  • Algorithms


Jacques Georget

Stockholm, Sweden

Jacques Georget is available to assist you with your investment decision. He's an experienced investment manager, and maintain a strong track-record. He'll be happy to give you his input on the offering.

Passed Exams

  • SwedSec Advisor
  • Msc in Economics
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Investment Manager

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HedgeMix can help you build a strong portfolio

At HedgeMix we offer investors access to our own algo-based investment model. We lower the minimum investment requirement and raise expected risk-adjusted returns.

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      HedgeMix Algo, Hedge Fund
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The Algo-based Long/Short Stock Indice Hedge Fund


Our investment strategy is unique in the way that we use a proprietary systematic trading model developed in-house and backed by robot advice.

zero-tax investment vehicle

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Track the value of your fund units in our platform.


Diversified Long/Short Positioning across 7 Stock Indices

Mathematic Model plus Pattern Recognition and Robot Advice

Sucessful Back-Testing and Live Track Record

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