Jacques Georget - Investment Manager Accepting clients world-wide

Jacques Georget Stockholm, Sweden

Jacques Georget
Your dedicated Investment Manager

Accepting clients world-wide

Jacques work with HedgeMix to offer clients access to Alternative Investments. In collaboration with HedgeMix, I can set up a managed account for you with a diversified portfolio of hedge funds. In contrast to U.S. mutual funds or EU UCITS, a hedge fund manager can invest in a wider array of financial instruments, which we believe will benefit the investor.

“I’ve had a passion for investments since my early twenties. Now, at the age of 34, I have a double-degree in finance & economics and master-level studies at Uppsala University. My masters’ thesis, which investigates the impact of monetary policy on financial markets have been cited by top researchers. I’ve earned scholarships in economics and work experience from top institutions such as the World Bank.”

How it works

Managed Accounts – Let us do the work

At HedgeMix we offer our clients managed accounts. We monitor the hedge fund industry on a daily basis and with a managed account we’ll be responsible for the asset allocation of your investments. We are specialists in hedge funds, and based on your investment profile and time horizon, we’ll adopt an investment strategy that fits your needs.  By letting us manage your account you delegate the day-to-day investment management to a professional. You’ll also save valuable time, and when you have any input or specific requirements regarding your investments you’ll just forward it to us. Of course, we also offer non-managed accounts if you prefer this.


  • I can offer you a managed account for an all-inclusive fee of 1.5% of AUM. This fee covers both the account fee and the advisory fee.

How do I onboard with HedgeMix?

To view our open projects, i.e. the hedge funds we currently invest in or aim to invest in, you just need to register a platform account here on our website. It's totally free and your submission will be quickly reviewed. The process of onboarding with HedgeMix usually takes 1-2 weeks.

Let's have a chat and see how we can help you

You can reach HedgeMix on phone, email, or chat. Our hotline is open 24/7 and you can chat with us right here on the website. If you can our hotline, they can connect you to the nearest investment advisor.